Patricia (résumé) and Harrison (résumé) Gill are assisted by a team of talented and enthusiastic professionals:

Michael Roeder, AIA (résumé)


Granville Ackermann



Richard Todd



Frederick Preiss


Sharon Bernd

We have been the fortunate beneficiaries of the efforts of a number of talented architects and designers who have helped us immeasurably. Many of our best projects bear witness to their work.  Please click here to view a full list of previous personnel.


We work with many contractors, builders and construction management organizations.  These professional partners are noted for their competence, integrity and ongoing commitment to quality construction.  Please click here to view a full list.

And finally, we have long believed that we are well suited to meet the evolving design needs of our clients’ families, in part, because of the ongoing experiment that is our own family. Regardless of how many fine buildings and environments we are able to design, our finest works will forever remain: