At the heart of every project GILL & GILL participates in there is collaboration. First between the Owner/User and the Architect, we believe there must exist a sense of shared purpose and cooperation. This spirit of collaboration informs decision making throughout the project.

Collaboration extends to those charged with the responsibility to execute the work. We believe that the Architect who fails to listen to the advice and council of the craftsman who works with his hands does so at his own peril. We have fostered relationships with dozens of fine builders throughout our region who share our commitment to quality and communication.


In the orchestration of honest menís labor and the arrangement of sticks and stones in the service of physical and emotional needs such that a piece of ground is left better than one found it, there is something holy.

We have come to regard the art of architecture and the craft of building in much the same light as a fine musical performance. There is room for artistic expression in both the composition and the interpretation of the piece. We realize that distinctive architectural work results from successful collaboration between designers, craftsmen and users. Moreover, we have learned to accept, even welcome, the role of improvisation in the act of designing, constructing and living in built environments.

Our work is informed by a respect for local context, historical continuity and global sustainability. We bring together a willingness to listen and a commitment to experimentation. We believe there is an important role for wit and humor in the act of creating spaces for human use and habitation.